French Evangelical Church

Church Architect: Rodney Leon Architect PLLC

Residential Architect: DHD Architects

Project Management: Rodney Leon Architect PLLC

Location: New York, NY

Client: French Evangelical Church of NY

Year: 2012-Present

Rodney Leon Architect PLLC has provided Master Planning, Achitectural and Project Manage- ment Services for this two phase project. The first phase is completed and involved the renovation of an existing 10,000 SF Historic 19th Century Church. The second phase scheduled for completion in 2018 is the construction of a 12 story condominium project to be constructed partially on the adjacent property for 4 stories and bridge over the existing church with 8 additional floors;

The 44,000 square foot residential building will include three lower floors and 5,000 square feet dedicated for the exclusive use of the Church. The ownership of the Church Condo will not only help to achieve the development of new community facility space directly accessible from the second floor of the church via new ADA-compliant elevators but will also provide two new apartments which may be used for church housing or for other programs. The ground floor of the building

will have a dedicated entrance for exclusive use by the Church which will provide direct access to the Church community space, as well as to the Church’s worship area, through a core of two elevators.