Le Coeur Vert

Port au Prince, Haiti, 2012 (In Progress)

Le Coeur Vert (roughly translated means a village green at the "heart" of a community) is a comprehensive plan for the creation of a self sufficient community to the north of Port-au-Prince. The plan is born out of its immediate context, while maintaining prototypical features to be used in the planning of other neighborhoods. Key to the plan is the reuse of established circulation routes, as the path which cuts across the phase 1 site is repurposed as a green boulevard providing relief and direction to the grid. This axis leads to the heart of the development, which includes a market, school and recreational field, that serve both phases 1 and 2, as well as any future development which might occur. Three housing prototypes based upon "Kaye Jodia™" are proposed. This housing model accommodates future expansion of the Le Coeur Vert Community in a systematic and contextual manner and has been developed in accordance with locally available materials and construction practices in an effort to provide housing relief, while bolstering the local economy.