Gospel Assembly Church

Bronx, NY, 2009
Principals: Rodney Leon, Nicole Hollant-Denis

Architect: AARRIS Architect

Design for a 600 Seat House of Worship inspired by and featuring a Trinity of Sacred Elements.

The first element is the tower “Praying Hands” representing two hands coming together in prayer and raised up to Heaven. The tower is illuminated at its pinnacle acting as a beacon of light and hope to the surrounding community. It will draw people to the Gospel Assembly Church and to the “Word of God.” In looking upward toward this tower of light people are encouraged to look toward God and Heaven for salvation as opposed to earthly means.

The second and third elements are contemporary designed curtain walls inspired by traditional stained glass entitled“ Raining Grace” and “The Living Gospel.” Raining Grace is a juxtaposition of heavenly colors “raining” down and earthly colors reaching upward to represent a belief in constant renewal of man kind through God’s infinite compassion for his creation. The Living Gospel identifies the churches main entrance through the formal abstraction of an open bible. This image is inspired by the importance of the Gospel in the life of every Christian and in the belief that God’s ultimate plan of salvation and love are prescribed in the Bible.