National Hip Hop Museum Master Plan

Bronx, NY, 2010
The completed Master Plan is for a 21st century green, virtual, interactive museum and waterfront park on an existing abandoned site in the South Bronx facing upper Manhattan. The museum program specifically addresses the 4 primary elements that comprise global Hip Hop culture along with their historic and cultural impact. In each of the following four elements the museum addresses the past, present and future through exhibitions, performances and workshops. These elements relate to Music, Art, Dance and Technology.

  • Music in the form Rap or MC its relationship to sound, oral expression, acoustics, the human voice and the spoken word.

  • Urban Art in the form of Graffiti and its relationship to sight, visual expression, color, graphics and large urban scale art.

  • Urban Dance or Break Dance as physical expression indicative of the role that physicality plays in relationship to the body, motion and balance.

  • DJ interpreted as the individual capacity to utilize electronic mass communication medium and technology in new and creative ways for cultural expression.